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How to Choose a House Painting Service

Selecting a house painting contractor can be a daunting task and choosing a painter on price alone can be a very costly mistake. Here, is a list of four major risk factors and ten questions you can ask to help you decide which painting contractor represents the best value for your particular needs and your tolerance for risk.
The four risk factors are:

1- Assessing Financial Risk:
Not every painting contractor represents the same level of financial risk to you. Do they carry liability and workmen’s comp insurance and do they have their own employees, instead of subcontractors? If the answers are yes, your financial exposure is much lower. Additionally, it is important to note that if the painting contractor is a small operator and will work hands-on as a painter on your project, he/she most likely is excluded from the policy; in which case, the risk would falls back on you if he/she is injured on your painting project. So asking if the owner-painter is excluded from the policy is a good idea as well.

2- Assessing Reliability and Professionalism:
Does the painting contractor belong to PDCA (Painting and Decorating Contractors of America)? Are they accredited as contractors by PDCA? Do they perform background checks and drug testing? If the answers are yes, this painting company has invested in being knowledgeable about the painting business and is committed to operate in a professional manner.

3- Assessing the Likeliness of a Successful and On-Time Project:
Does the house painting contractor have an Employee Training Program and a Safety Program? If they do, their employees will likely perform at a higher level and in a more consistent manner, while using safe work practices. These factors will contribute substantially to a successful outcome for your house painting project.

4- Assessing the Likeliness of a Long-term Relationship:
Is it important to you for the painting contractor you choose to be someone you can call ”My Painter for Life”? If so, ask the following three questions. Are they a member of their local Chamber of Commerce? Do they warranty their painting work? Do they have an up-to-date website? If the answers are yes, you have a painter who takes a long view about their business and is more likely to value a long-term relationship with you as a customer.

As a consumer, when you compare painting contractors, you assess their TRUE Value to you, based on what is most important to you.

Painting in Partnership, Inc. has developed an easy-to-use form you can download from our website. It enables you to actually quantify your risk in choosing a painting contractor. Click here to download the form.