You are the consummate professional and that pride and expertise shines through the work of your associates. Thank you for so greatly exceeding my expectations.
- John Lazar, River Forest
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Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting

What You Can Expect

  • Respect and care for your landscaping
  • Superior LONGEVITY
  • Your interior property kept safe while we work outside
  • To be educated about maintenance issues that will add to the life of your paint job
  • To be kept safe from exposure to lead dust in your pre-1978 housing
  • A two-year warranty

Even Booms Are Put to Work

What We Do

Even The Garage Is Not Forgotten

  • Clean surfaces and eliminate mildew
  • Remove and replace failing caulk
  • Remove and reinstall downspouts
  • Restore rotted wood with epoxy
  • Use rust inhibitors on rusty metals
  • Daily cleanup of site
  • Create safe access to roofs
  • Use a variety of primers
  • Use moisture meters
  • Use the best paints for the application
  • Follow Standardized Painting Procedures

Winner of many national awards

Painting in Partnership has earned many national awards for its exterior painting work. These awards have included the Grand Prize of the TOP JOB award given by the American Painting Contractor magazine, as well as a First Place Award from the magazine. Additionally, Painting in Partnership has won two PDCA Exterior Painting Awards.

Keeping you safe in your pre-1978 house

Painting in Partnership is certified by EPA as a “Lead-Safe Firm” and our painters are trained to use the lead-safe practices prescribed by the EPA. When we disturb surfaces where lead is present, we set up containment to prevent the dust generated from the house painting project from traveling beyond the work area. After the work is completed, we clean up the work area using EPA-prescribed methods. We follow these work practices to prevent lead dust from creating a hazard for you, your family and the environment when we work on your exterior painting projects.

Looking beyond painting to be of service to you

From our initial walk-through, before we take on your exterior painting project, until the time we complete it, we look for suggestions we could make to improve the functionality of your house or reduce the need for future maintenance. For example, we check your gutters for proper drainage. We also check your mortar and masonry work for cracks or deterioration. Additionally, we check the landscaping and make recommendations to ensure a proper distance from painted surfaces.

Moisture meters ensure that the paint will stick

Painting wood when the moisture level in the wood exceeds the permissible level will cause paint to fail. The reason is that the moisture will prevent the primer or coating from penetrating into the wood fibers to create good mechanical bond, because the space is already occupied by moisture. Painting in Partnership uses moisture meters to test wood prior to doing exterior painting.

Moisture Meter

Moisture Meter Used in Interior Painting & Exterior Painting

We recommend periodic maintenance painting

Periodic maintenance to your exterior painted surfaces can add years to the longevity of your paint job. We recommend to our clients that we come out, every two or three years at the most, to look for signs of failing caulk or flaking paint. To do maintenance painting at that time to correct those few issue will literally add years to the useful life of your exterior painting.