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- Richard Medina, Palatine
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Window Restoration

Window Restoration

What You Can Expect…

Window Restoration – Epoxy Repair

  • Save a lot of money over the cost of window replacement
  • Window components that are sound and solid
  • Windows that work properly
  • Adjacent surfaces that are water-tight
  • Peace of mind from knowing your investment is protected
  • Feel good about helping the environment

What We Do…

  • Inspect windows thoroughly for caulk or paint failure and wood deterioration
  • Check windows for proper functioning
  • Remove rotted wood
  • Restore wood with epoxy products if appropriate or replace wood components if needed
  • Caulk all adjacent surfaces
  • Set up a periodic inspection and maintenance program for you

Completed Window Restoration

Caulk failure leads to wood rot

Moisture is the cause of most issues with windows. Any gap in the caulking will cause moisture to get trapped behind the caulk and bring about wood decay. Here are the areas to watch: miter cuts in the casings, gap between the casing and the siding (or brick), space between the sill and the casing. If caulk fails in one of those areas, your window is at risk to rapidly deteriorate and cause costly repairs or even more expensive replacement.

Window restoration is a “Green” activity

Window replacement substantially adds to society’s dilemma concerning our overflowing landfills. It is estimated that half million tons of waste window glass alone is disposed of in landfills. This glass will take thousands of years to decompose. Restoring a window is a gift to the environment.

Window restoration saves you money

Much like kitchen cabinets, windows used to be routinely disposed of when they became “dated” or when they showed signs of deterioration, like foggy glass or when rot began to develop. The economic environment of the last few years has begun to change that practice. People are starting to consider restoration instead of replacement. Depending on the size of the window, the cost of the replacement and finishing of new windows can far exceed $1,000 per window. To that cost, you often need to add the price of repairs to interior surfaces around the new windows. Window restoration makes economic sense and can save you a lot of money!

Epoxy consolidators and fillers are key in window restoration

Epoxy is a gift to window restoration. First, the rotted wood fibers have to be removed. The remaining sound wood has to be allowed to dry out completely since it is often loaded with moisture. Once dry, we soak the surrounding wood fibers with an epoxy consolidator to stiffen the fibers before applying the epoxy filler. The consolidator helps to create a strong bond between the remaining wood and the epoxy patch. Once the patch is cured, it is then sanded and primed before painting.

Periodic maintenance preserves your investment

Much like garage doors and exterior entrance doors, windows are an expensive part of a house and are vulnerable to rapid deterioration year-round. In the winter, snow piles up on window sills and moisture can seep through any opening in the caulking. In the summer, the harsh effects of the sun include thermal expansion and UV degradation of both coatings and caulking. Consequently, we recommend a maintenance program for windows that includes a close inspection every 2 or 3 years to detect caulk failure, peeling paint or other types of deterioration. Intervening early is an inexpensive way to keep a problem from becoming a costly one.

Modern windows can trap moisture

The design of modern windows can create moisture traps around the sill area that result in premature deterioration of the windows’ lower components. These design flaws make it that much more important to be on the lookout for those signs of deterioration. Our window restoration services include a thorough inspection and doing epoxy repairs.

Modern windows can trap moisture

… resulting in wood rot.