We have used many contractors. Your company is by far the best to work with across all fields.
- Kim Ekrote, Long Grove
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Faux Bois and Wood Graining

Faux Bois and Wood Graining

What You Can Expect

  • Freedom from expensive replacement of woodwork and cabinets
  • The look of stained wood on any painted surface
  • Wood colors that blend in with existing wood tones

Before Wood Graining

What We Do

After the Faux Bois Painting

  • Painted trim, beams and windows made to look like stained wood
  • Fiberglass or steel doors finished to look like wood
  • Metal floor vents matched to surrounding wood tones

From painted white trim to the look of walnut

At Painting in Partnership, we can transform your painted trim into the look-alike of walnut, mahogany or any other wood type and color you like. We utilize faux bois techniques to produce that result. We use a combination of tools, and techniques to give you the look you want.

Giving your fiberglass door or metal door the look of wood

When you purchase a new fiberglass door or a metal door, it usually comes primed and, on occasion, it comes with a finish coat. If it is the front door, you might want to give it a rich wood look by using special stains and tools. On occasion, all the trim, doors and windows in your house are stained and varnished, except for your new primed or painted door. Faux bois and graining techniques can then be used to make the new blend in with the old.

Faux bois and wood graining are “green”

On many occasions, using faux bois and wood graining techniques saves you from having to remove and dispose of painted wood trim or other decorative elements; you recycle the old! Many times, because you save on carpentry and materials, you also save money in the process.