Painting in Partnership gave us the perfection we are always looking for but seldom find. The creative, artful work truly completed our home.
- Tim and Joy Foster, Northbrook
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You can powerfully impact the quality of your life
... with color, patterns and paint.

Discover new ways to enrich your environment, nurture your creativity and express yourself through painted decoration.

Painting in Partnership produced these videos for your viewing pleasure and to inspire you with new possibilities and ideas.

Video Showcase

Art Deco Revival

Once upon a time, a plain white powder room hid in the midst of an elegant Art Deco lake-front home.

Begging for a revival of her glorious past … she was granted her wish for a shimmering Art Deco makeover.

Thrilled with her new look, she invites you to take a tour.

Blue People Fantasy

Few people can be called “Blue People.”

But if you really love the color blue, you surround yourself with blue because it nurtures you.

A desire to express a fantasy and create a more nurturing home, gave birth to this painting project.

Chicago – My Kind of Town

Scott was looking to create a “wow” factor for his pad on a high floor of a Chicago Downtown building.

Being in the travel business, Scott liked our idea of doing a mural where he could give a tour of Chicago’s Downtown landmarks to his guests.

Scott will now take us on a tour of Chicago Downtown landmarks.

Dressing Up the Craftsman

For decades, this Craftsman-style house was known as the “Big White House on the Corner”.

Its owners felt this description did not do justice to the proud heritage of the house. They decided to do something about it.

Come and see how they dressed up their Craftsman in “period” Colors.

Home Sweet Home

One day, Diane found the house of her dreams.

It was large and stately. Inside, it was spacious and richly adorned with crowns and moldings. It was Diane’s ideal HOUSE.

To make it into her ideal HOME, Diane transformed its totally WHITE surfaces into a world of color, texture and ornamentation.

Follow Diane on a tour of her Home.

Decorative Solutions

Decorative Finishing offers an abundance of potential solutions as you wrestle with the concerns of personalizing your space, creating ambiance, emphasizing some features or hiding others.

Let’s wander around this world!

Peeling Off the Old Skin

Starting with the outer layer of the skin, a good scrubbing and a new protective layer were in order, along with a touch of “rouge”.

Treating the interior layer of the skin required 1400 hours of labor.

Follow us for the steps in this skin revitalization treatment.

Gilded Decor

Once upon a time, there was an elegant 1920s lake-front residence on Chicago’s North Shore.

The walls and woodwork of her gracious two-story foyer were showing many signs of aging and wear, which distressed her greatly.

The iron work of her stylish winding staircase was painted a brown color, which made feel unappreciated!

She successfully pleaded her case for a makeover. However, what her owners had in mind went beyond her wildest dreams.

She is overwhelmed. Let’s look!

White No More

Once upon a time,
there was a house
with walls that were completely white.
However, its owners were dreaming of color,
Much color!
We developed this color palette for them,
to suit their Cuban heritage.

Preserving “La Grande Dame”

A Historic Victorian Grande Dame from Chicago, one of a handful of wood-frame homes that survived the Great Chicago Fire, was starting to show her need for TLC.

Join us to see the effect of this TLC on Madame.

Antique Paint Restoration Project

This 1889 Chicago building, with its two 3-story metal bay windows and large metal cornice, needed not only a color makeover, but also a major paint restoration.

See why this project earned us the 2012 Commercial Restoration PIPP Award and Grand Prizes for both the 2012 TOP JOB Award and the 2012 Chicago Painted Lady competition.