We have used many contractors. Your company is by far the best to work with across all fields.
- Kim Ekrote, Long Grove
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Selecting a Contractor

Selecting a Contractor

Selecting a contractor is hard enough. Evaluating contractors in terms of your own risk/value factors is even harder.

There are 4 major risk/value factors:

  • Your financial risk with each contractor
  • Their reliability and professionalism
  • The likeliness of a successful and on time project
  • The probability of a long-term relationship with the contractor

There are 10 Questions you are entitled to ask a contractor in order to properly evaluate the value they represent to you, in terms of what is most important to you.

Price alone can be very misleading. How can you truly compare contractors in terms of their risk and value to you?

Click here to download a PDF of these ten questions and how to use them to rank contractors and determine who represents the best value for you, based on your needs.