You are the consummate professional and that pride and expertise shines through the work of your associates. Thank you for so greatly exceeding my expectations.
- John Lazar, River Forest
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New Color Scheme for an American Four-Square House

New Color Scheme for "Period" House

New Color Scheme for “Period” House

Old Color Scheme for "Period" House

Old Color Scheme for “Period” House

The owner of this Period house in the near Western suburb of Chicago was looking to make a major change in the color scheme of her house. As painting and decorating contractors, we offer a Color and Concept Consultation service to help in successfully navigating the sometime choppy waters of color selection.

Early on, the client was toying with the idea of removing the aluminum siding – she later abandoned that idea. Instead, she had that siding repaired in a number of areas, had a new roof installed, built a new rear porch and new front railings, and indeed chose a new color scheme that harmonized with new roof color, which we had recommended.

Selecting interior or exterior paint colors can be quite intimidating and stressful to many people, especially when dealing with a “Period” house. In the consultation, we had recommended a dark red accent color for three small areas on the front of the house. It turned out that the client’s spouse did not like that idea, so we stayed with a two-color scheme.

Taking into account personal preferences is an important and necessary aspect of the color selection process, because people react differently to color. Making those color adjustments is an integral part of the consultation service we offer. For both colors, we selected a Benjamin Moore’s MoorGuard as paint, which has a very low gloss level. The client commented: “When the sun goes down, my house glows!” She was very excited to tell me this.