Throughout the process I felt that achieving the 'right look' for a high-end architectural products showroom was just as important to you as it was to me.
- Richard S. Cohen, Feather River Wood, Wilmette
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Archive for Large Wall Art

A Chicago Wall Art Creation – Part 1: Involving the Client

A current wall art project is the epitome of our slogan as a painting and decorating contractor in the Chicago area: “We paint in partnership with YOU!”. In this case, the “you” is our client, the means is our color and concept consultation service and the object is a large wall art composition (16’x8’) our client wants to create for a large wall in his front stairway area.
Our client is an engineer and, therefore, very detailed-minded. He also likes to use his hands to build things in the physical realm. He approached us to help him design a large dimensional wall art creation. He told us he had some ideas and wanted to be involved in the creation of the physical elements, but was totally stymied in the development of the concept for the artwork and the decoration of the elements.

Sketch for Wall Art Creation

During the consultation, he described what he likes and dislikes regarding shapes, materials etc. We also presented him with a large amount of images and patterns to gain further insight into the elements of a design that would both appeal to him and, equally as importantly, permit him to use his hands and tools in creating the physical elements of the design, while having the design meet the spatial requirements.

This week, I presented a trial sketch of the ideas we came up with. He admitted that, at the outset, he had a fear that this process might not work. However, when he saw the sketch, he said: “You understood me – this is what I was hoping for. I am happy!” We could not have hoped for a better outcome: our client was not only pleased with the design, but also saw how he could use his skills to get involved in the creative process. Two days later, he was meeting with a buddy to discuss creating the physical pieces of the artwork. He is on his way now!

Once he is done with creating the physical elements, we will meet with him again to discuss color, texture and finishes for the elements. Our company will then proceed with the painting and decorating aspects of the project.

This is an outstanding example of how we use a consultative approach to involve our clients in the creative process of making vision of “home’ come alive.

Custom Mural Grouping Adds New Dimension to Decorative Painting

There is a great array of faux finishes that talented decorative painters can produce with today’s state-of-the-art products and methods. Custom Mural Groupings are a little-known form of decorative finishing and much under used.

What is a custom grouping? It is a hybrid between mural painting and faux finishing. It consists of a series of related paintings that, when combined into an arrangement, become greater than the summation of its parts. In other words, each painting can individually stand on its own. However, when combined, each piece enhances the esthetic appeal of the other pieces, as shown in these two pictures.

Custom Mural Grouping - Detail

Custom Mural Grouping - Detail

Custom Mural Grouping

Custom Mural Grouping

How did Painting in Partnership come across a project like this? First, during the course of the client’s last house painting project, a picture molding was installed above the fireplace, thereby creating an empty space of about 50 inches by 70 inches above the fireplace. Watching a television show, she got the idea of creating a custom grouping. She then communicated her idea to Lori Vieceli, her interior designer, who suggested to use a stylized leaf pattern as a theme for the grouping. This is how the idea for this custom mural grouping was born!

From this point until installation day, all conversations were held between Lori and Painting in Partnership. Lori trusted the company’s decorative painting skills and our partnership approach to house painting. We proceeded to develop sketches of the paintings, color distributions and a final sample of what a finished painting would look like, so she could ensure we were on track with the client’s vision.

Custom Mural Grouping - In Shop

Custom Mural Grouping - In Shop

From the time that the sample was approved by Lori, until the day of installation, she never felt the need to see any of the decorative painting work. This was the best measure of our success on this project: a totally relaxed designer, with a reputation at stake!

What did the work entail? First we primed the boards and painted them the same color and sheen as the matting. Our mural painter then sketched and painted the backgrounds of all the leaves. Our decorative painter then created a two-color stippled finish for each leaf. As a final step, our muralist painted the veins on all the leaves. This an example of how Painting in Partnership lives up to its slogan of “We paint in Partnership wit YOU!”