Painting in Partnership encouraged us to stretch with some bold choices. We trusted their experience and now have a 'masterpiece'.
- Lori and Don Lyon, Arlington Heights
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Seeking Painters with a Craftsman’s Attitude

As painting and decorating contractors in the Chicago area, Painting in Partnership, Inc. is built around the concept of Craftsmanship. Our Craftsmanship begins with a Commitment to “do the right thing” and couples with the Knowledge to “know what the right thing is” and the “Skill to pull it off”. These craftsmanship fundamentals enable us, to deliver to our clients: Peace of Mind, Pride in Finished Work and a Delightful Painting Experience, every time, every craftsman.

Painter Craftsman at Work

When we look to hire a painter, in addition to painting skills, there are six major qualities we look for. They are:
1- Love of One’s Work: Someone who loves to paint, because it is satisfying and adds beauty to life.
2- Thirst to Learn: Someone who displays initiative in their learning process, through research, experimentation and perfecting one’s practices and tools.
3- Focus and Intensity: Someone who focuses and engages all his/her senses in the coordination and mastery of the great many variables involved in painting. Someone who enjoys maintaining a healthy body, fit for the high daily physical demands of painting.
4- Pursuit of Excellence, Within the Constraints of Time and Purpose: Someone who understands that the ultimate challenge of a true craftsman is to achieve the desired quality in a time efficient manner, while respecting the constraints that may exist.
5- Openness and Desire to Share One’s Knowledge: Someone who willingly shares their knowledge with others and is open to learn from anyone.
6- Passion: Someone who has energy, enthusiasm and a positive attitude. Passion is the result of engaging one’s heart in the work process. This is the quality we most seek in a painter candidate. This is the quality that distinguishes a good “technician” from a true craftsman.

These are the qualities that will enable someone to develop as a true craftsman over time. As a company, we hire people at different stages in their development as craftsmen. We help fill the skill gaps through hands-on training opportunities and the use of our Craftsmanship Operating Procedures (COPs). Painting in Partnership sees itself as a training ground for craftsmen. We write our job ads to attract people who see painting as their avocation, not just a job.

Here is a commentary that Steve, our most senior craftsman, wrote on the fundamentals of craftsmanship:
“Craftsmanship only happens when all those fundamental traits come together. The challenge is unifying them on a daily basis. For me, being energized and engaged is probably the most important aspect of craftsmanship, because without the energy, nothing can come together. I believe craftsmanship is a life-long endeavor and a work in progress. There are setbacks along the way, but believing in the prospect of doing things well, in a timely manner is the key.”

If you have residential painting experience and have a craftsman’s attitude, we are very interested in talking to you.