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Venetian Stucco Ceiling Suits Period Art Deco Living Room Perfectly

Venetian plasters are known and admired for their unique marble-like luster and feel. For centuries, they have adorned some of the finest residences, palaces and public spaces, especially in Europe, where it was first popularized. A high level of skill and experience are required on the part of the decorative painters who create this very special decorative finish.

Recently, Painting in Partnership had the opportunity to execute a venetian plaster finish on the living room ceiling of an Art Deco lake-front residence, on the North Shore of Chicago. Notice the soft sheen on the ceiling, reflecting the dim light emanating from the window shades.

Venetian Plaster Ceiling in Vintage Art Deco Living Room

Venetian Plaster Ceiling in Vintage Art Deco Room

Because of its large size (600 square feet) and its 10-foot height, creating a polished plaster finish on this ceiling was especially challenging. It required the use of two rolling scaffolds and the coordinated efforts of two decorative painters from Painting in Partnership, in order to avoid lap marks and inconsistencies in the finished venetian plaster. From preparation to the polishing of the plaster, about 80 hours of labor were used to create this decorative finish.

The ingredients in venetian plaster have evolved over the years. The “natural” versions of plaster, like the one we used on this project, include no more that five percent of synthetic ingredients. The other traditional ingredients include: hydrated slaked lime, pigments and marble flour.

In addition to its great looks, venetian plaster is breathable (lets moisture through), mildew resistant and qualifies as a “green” product as well. It is one of the many decorative finishes Painting in Partnership expertly executes.