The painters were top notch. They worked very efficiently, courteously and extremely cleanly.
- Jack Bernauer, Inverness
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Using Decorative Finishing to Replicate the Look of Artwork on Adjacent Walls

We have been using our skills in decorative painting to meet our clients’ requests all over Chicago and the suburban areas for nearly twenty-five years. Using our knowledge of paints, glazes, techniques and tools, we are able to meet the most demanding and unusual requests from our clients.

Decorative Finish to Mirror Artwork in a Room

For instance, a client showed me a painting in his master bath. It was about six feet long and five feet high. The painting revealed the naked body of a woman frolicking in the water. The painting had a gray band at the top and bottom and a large band of vibrant aqua, mottled with gray and cream tones to give the feel of water. The client’s request was: “Can you replicate the colors and feel of the painting around the room, as if the painting bursts out of its frame? After taking a closer look at the painting, my answer was: yes, Painting in Partnership can do this for you!

The first step in a project like this always consists of preparing a sample board to ensure good color and style matches. After the client approved the sample, we painted the walls the same shade of gray as in the painting. We then rehung the painting and established the exact height of the color bands and used a laser to spread them around the room. We then used a combination of four glazes: teal, cream, white and gray to replicate the look of the painting. We used brushes, cheesecloth and a badger brush as our main tools.

Over the years, our client’s requests have inspired the development of some of our most creative work and finishes. Decorative painting gives us a wonderful array of options to meet our clients’ most sophisticated requests.