I feel that all your employees are true artists and professionals, and their commitment, creativity and craftsmanship are evident in the finished product.
- Diane Hohmann, North Barrington
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Creating Painted Arts and Crafts Designs that Fit a House’s “Old Bones”

As decorative painting specialists serving the Chicago area, we are occasionally called on to create original painted decorative motifs that are flattering to the “period” or architectural style of a building. In this article, we are presenting two designs that we created for Arts and Crafts and Craftsman style houses.

Arts and Crafts Painted Design

Craftsman Style Painted Design

The first one is our equinox archway, designed to mirror the equinox pattern in the stained glass window in the background. The slanted and curved archway seemed like the perfect place to emphasize the delicate design of the large leaded window in the adjacent room. Coming up with the original design for the archway turned out to be the easy part. The execution of the painting was actually more challenging. First, there was the challenge to adjust the design to the geometry of the curved, slanted archway. Then, there was the added challenge of the textured plaster substrate. To meet those challenges, we used stretchable tapes of different widths. Needless to say, in order to produce a flawless result, we needed to touch up many areas where the paint had seeped around the texture and under the tape. In all, this painting project took about a week.

Another of our original designs was conceived to adorn the two coach lights on each side of the garage door for a large two-story Craftsman-style house. The garage being detached from the house, the owners did not want it to compete with the more elaborate color scheme of the house. However, they wanted the find a way to bring the full color palette of the house to the garage structure in a subtle kind of way. This design hit the spot for our client! The substrate for our painting presented similar execution challenges as the project described previously.

Finding ways to embellish and flatter the architectural features of Chicago’s vintage buildings, through the use of our decorative painting skills is part of what we love to do at Painting in Partnership.