Painting in Partnership gave us the perfection we are always looking for but seldom find. The creative, artful work truly completed our home.
- Tim and Joy Foster, Northbrook
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Using Faux Painting Techniques to Expand a Painting to the Scale of a Room

Decorative finishing skills, on occasion, get called on to bring about unusual results. As an example, a client had a striking painting in his master bath. The painting used essentially only three colors: blue, gray and white, and created the impression of water, land and sky by using those colors. On the water, laid the curvaceous naked body of a woman.

The client had the idea of enveloping the room in the colors and style of his painting. On his own, the client had the room painted using the same color gray as in the painting, but the result fell short of accomplishing his purpose. So he called on Painting in Partnership and our team of decorative finishing experts to complete his vision.

Decorative Finishing Magic

Decorative Finishing Magic

Using our color design expertise and our faux painting skills, we were able to blend those 3 colors, using paints and glazes to produce the desired effect. Voila!

Manifesting a client’s vision in this way, using our decorative finishing and painting skills, is very fulfilling. This is the reason we call our company Painting in Partnership.