Our customers, and I personally, appreciate the high level and consistent delivery of your products and services. You make us look good.
- Bryan Zolfo, Insignia Kitchen & Bath, Barrington
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Archive for June 2011

To Give the Look of Real Metal, Use Metal leaf!

Gilding is an ancient decorative art form. Egyptians loved it and Romans went gaga over it. It consists in the laying of real metal leaf over the exterior of an object or a surface, using a tacky varnish as an adhesive for the leaf to bond to. The metals used can range from real gold, silver, platinum, copper, aluminum and imitation gold, among others. Acids or glazes can also be used over the gilded surface to distress it. A glossy varnish is often used to protect the gilded work from abrasion or oxidization. When the gilding is completed, the decorated piece has the brilliance of real metal! Upon closer examination, the square shape of the metal leaves can be seen in the final work, which is the distinctive mark of gilding.

Gilded Pedestal

Pedestal Before Gilding

We were recently contacted for our decorative finishing expertise by a client in the Chicago Northwest suburbs. The client had two pedestals, which had been sprayed with an acrylic metallic paint and a clear glossy varnish coat. That process made the pedestals look like plastic and the client did not like that look at all. She wanted the pedestals gilded with imitation silver leaf and coated with a protective high-gloss varnish. She wanted the look of the real stuff!

We took on the project and completed the work within a week. When you want the look of real leaf, that it be to adorn moldings, architectural elements, a ceiling, wall or a special object, gilding is the approach of choice.