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Checking Wood Door’s Weather Stripping Saves Money

Wood Front Door - Before Refinishing

As house painting contractors in the Chicago area, we regularly are called on to refinish wood doors. Wood front door systems are subjected to major abuses by the sun and the elements. Consequently, making sure that the weather stripping around the door is in good working order is of critical importance. A recent project, made that point clearly.

As shown in the attached picture, the threshold has completely fallen apart. In fact, the owner had thrown it out. Additionally, the left jamb has begun to rot away as well. The varnish on the door has turned milky and signs of checking are evident. Needless to say, this entrance door has suffered from significant neglect over the years. Fortunately, the moisture had not reached the interior wood floor, which would have dramatically increased the cost of the repairs.

Before any wood refinishing could be done on the door, we rebuilt the threshold. We also installed new weather stripping on the bottom of the door and around the jamb.

Wood Front Door - After Refinishing

Next, the rotten wood was on the jamb was removed and we used epoxy consolidators and fillers to restore the wood to a sound condition. The door system was then stripped and refinished. Here what the final result looks like.

A wood door with sunny exposure requires periodic maintenance to ensure proper functioning and avoid having the go through the big expense of refinishing the door. To accomplish this goal, we recommend our clients a maintenance program every two or three years. They gladly accept, because they want their door to look beautiful and keep the expense down.